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Emergency Services

A disabled garage door is bothersome for homeowners and disastrous for businesses. You need your garage doors to function properly to keep your business flowing and home safe and secure. Losing access to your vehicles, tools and other equipment stored in the garage is frustrating and can lead to other issues for your home or business. Your broken doors can also become a security issue as they create a vulnerable place in your home or business, a weakness that thieves can exploit and use to gain entry. Additionally, having your garage door off track or broken allows rain and snow into your garage, possibly damaging your possessions or even worse, ruining them entirely. It's fairly common for garage door springs to wear. Once your garage door parts begin to wear out it, worn parts can cause a domino effect and soon you can find your door completely off the tracks. Vandalism and break-ins are also a common cause of garage door damage. These issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently by the professional team members of Global Garage Door Service. Because our focus is on garage door installation, repair and emergency services in Rancho Cucamonga, we are prepared to answer our client's calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.... Click to read more 

Standard Garage Doors

The leader in standard garage doors, Global Garage Door Service delivers the highest quality garage doors to commercial enterprises and residents throughout Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding areas. Specializing in overhead garage door installation, Global Garage Door Service offers standard accessibility with ordinary garage doors and extra protection with specialty doors which provide functionality and style for residential and commercial applications.... Click to read more 

Rolling Garage Doors

Global Garage Door Service is proud to provide rolling steel doors for our industrial and commercial clients. Whether you need them for a private air hanger or as an integral part of a manufacturing plant, these heavy duty rolling steel doors are the quintessential security solution. We install the standard roll up and coil doors with a variety of designs, patterns and colors. We recommend adding a battery operated back up opener for all these heavy doors so you are covered in case of a power outage or if your opener fails.... Click to read more 

Specialty Garage Doors

Sometimes our Rancho Cucamonga clients opt for specialty doors, either for function or expression, Global Garage Door Service is happy to provide them. These are doors that are outside our normally stock and custom designs and require specialized installation and fabrication. Although we do have a generous selection of specialty doors, we understand our clients may need something beyond our stock and we are always ready and willing to provide them. We are also able to service specialty doors, even if we didn't originally install them.... Click to read more 

Custom Garage Doors

When your garage doors are the most prominent feature on the front of your home or business, you want them to be pleasing to the eye. That's why at Global Garage Door Service, we specialize in custom garage doors. Our clients demand only the very best in product and service and when they call us, that is exactly what we deliver.... Click to read more 

Garage Door Maintenance

Global Garage Door Service is proud to offer expert garage door design and installation. We are also well versed in garage door repair and maintenance, ensuring our client's doors is in tip top condition. In Rancho Cucamonga, CA, our technicians are standing by 24/7, ready to answer your call for garage door service. Once dispatched, your service professional will arrive expeditiously in our service vehicle and get right to work to resolve your problem and keep your garage doors in perfect working order.... Click to read more 

Garage Door Installation

Our team of expert service providers focuses on expedient installation of your garage doors. From aftermarket garage door upgrades to motorized garage door openers and automatic sensor openers, Global Garage Door Service professionals have you well in hand. We offer insulation too, as the typical garage door often has gaps that allow outdoor air in..... Click to read more 

Garage Door Springs

Global Garage Door Service carries the largest supply of garage door parts from industry leaders alongside trusted generic parts, making them the leader in garage door repair. Each part carried is of the highest quality and performance, ensuring our clients get the best value. In Rancho Cucamonga, we are the premier destination for garage door parts, supplies and services as we are constantly expanding our inventory and our skills. We offer weatherproofing and carry parts for nearly every brand, major and generic, allowing us to provide service for every make, model and design..... Click to read more 

Garage Door Openers

Nothing makes accessing your home through your garage doors easier than a remote control or motion detector automatic opener. This method of entering a home or business is easy and effortless, but these components take a beating, often being the most used entrance. Our wide selection of garage door openers includes styles and prices for every budget and desire, including quiet operation and premium doors..... Click to read more